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memo from Coach Tony:

TIPS on how to extend the life and hits of your bat:


  • Never use a combat on a bat stick;
  • Don’t hit wet baseballs with your combat (more prevalent on the youth barrel then the big barrel). Put it in the bag unless its game day.
  • Always qtr turn the handle in your hands after each swing so that you don’t hit on the same spot each time. You don’t want to flat spot the barrel;
  • After the newness wears off, don’t hit your bat in the batting cage. Use the same size and ounce of one of your different bats and waste that one. Save your combat for the game;
  • Never use a combat in a commercial batting cage with commercial yellow balls; they are heavier and harder, designed to last years in the cage!
  • The youth bat is hot out of the wrapper. The SL and AB need about 200+ swings to break-in that combat pop!!

I realize there are a lot of ball players, and through parent encouragement, have their kids hit hundreds of baseballs a week in a cage or on the field. If you do this with your composite bat then it will last you about 2-3 months and undoubtedly will crack in a very important game. My best advice is to let your kid hit the bat for the first week just like any new toy. BUT after that, park the bat in his bag and use the tons of crappy ‘big mart’ bats you have lying around for him to use in batting practice. I would even recommend leaving the bat at home when he practices so that other kids don’t go into his bag and try and use it!! While it’s great for him to see how far he can crush the ball each and every time in practice, all you are doing is seeing your investment decline. These bats are expensive so just have him use the same L and Oz bat in the cage or at practice. By doing this, your combat will be around for the whole 12 months. If not, then here is what will happen, your bat will crack, it will be under warranty, you will send it to Combat, and depending on what time of the year it is, you may have to wait 2 months on a replacement! Combat is in very high demand. Sometimes finding your size is like winning the lottery. I promise that you will feel awfully silly when you think of all the bombs he was hitting in practice, but come game time, he is stuck with some Stealth or Demarini. He has gone from the Ritz to the Budget Inn!


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